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学院 健康与人类发展

We are committed to improving the health and well-being of communities in Southern California. Our diverse fields of study empower students to become health advocates and leaders who turn academic research into practical solutions to solve public health issues and enhance human performance.


2022 - 2023  Colleges of Distinction: 护理

  • 排名前3%
  • Best Public 护理 School in the Nation,


Tackling the shortage of mental health providers in Latinx communities, Ánimo拉丁咨询 trains future counselors to provide bilingual and bicultural services. 卓越教育, a national nonprofit organization that champions Latinx success in higher education, recognized Ánimo as one of 19 Examples of Excelencia Finalists in the nation for 2023. 了解更多



十大靠谱网赌平台 is the only public university in Orange County that offers a 社会工作硕士学位 节目和已收到近 10美元的赠款 to train social workers for post-pandemic needs. 了解更多

Why Choose the 学院 健康与人类发展

在我们学院, you will gain hands-on research and field experiences, 由著名的教师专家指导, network with successful alumni and partner with local organizations to create healthy neighborhoods. Our degree programs empower you to become a Titan in the health field.

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Students like you work closely with faculty experts to conduct research, analyze data and publish findings in peer-reviewed publications.

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You can participate in real-world experiences through longstanding partnerships between the college and local health organizations.



Our research institutes and centers enables you to gain research and field practice. These hands-on experiences teach students a wide range of topics, 比如运动表现, 自闭症, 老化, 阿尔茨海默病, 和更多的.



在我们先进的设施中, you explore your passions and gain innovative experiences that puts you in a competitive advantage to launch your career or research pursuits.




Our vision for a healthier Orange County is supported by 12 centers that address a variety of needs and issues and provide valuable support to local communities. 在学院专家的带领下, students advance research in such areas as cancer disparities, 发展护理和个人健康.


Through community-centered programs and partnerships, the 学院 健康与人类发展 works to reduce health disparities and provide equitable health care to underserved communities in Southern California and beyond.

Join us in building a healthier Orange County by supporting student and faculty research in the 学院 健康与人类发展.